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Brazos Higher Education -

Randall Larson
Brazos Higher Education is a nonprofit corporation, founded in 1980. We passionately believe that higher education enriches lives! Student loans have proven to be a needed resource to help students and parents finance higher education and Brazos Higher Education has been an integral part of financing more than 2 million student loans. We provide affordable student loan options for Texas residents through our Refinance and Parent Loan Programs. We offer transparent pricing, great low rates and zero fees.

Benold Financial Planning

Jordan Benold
Phone: 8172356863
Benold Financial Planning helps physicians with complicated financial questions by saving them time and research by providing simple answers.

eCoordinate Care

Paras Patel
Let us take the weight of insurance denials and financing off your shoulders. We integrate our systems to your EMR to create your claims, pay you a percentage of the value, and submit the claims on your behalf. We take on all your risks of denial, and you never have to pay us back.